Digital Conference

On 5th of December, the International Department of the Czech Pirate Party and Markéta Gregorová, Member of the European Parliament for the Greens / EFA group organized the Going Digital online conference.


Opening word

Disinformation in the Pandemic Times

Disinformation campaigns are old news, but the onset of social networks only increased their impact. That reinforces the argument that strong regulation is needed, which is only supported by the “tackling disinformation” narrative and the crisis in general. How has disinformation affected the course of the Covid-19 pandemic; what role will it play in the future; and how will we deal with it in the future?

Digital Solutions and Digital Threats in the Pandemic Times

Modern technologies have been deployed to mitigate the impact of the pandemic: from apps that notify users of potential risk encounters to the mass usage of data from technological giants, with states reliant on citizen mobility data collected by Google. Have we breached another set of fundamental rights and given up on more important things?

Quarantined Education

The spring school shutdown shocked all of Europe. Schools had several months to get ready for another round of remote teaching. How was this time used? Is distance education a new trend, or rather a dead end that we will escape as soon as possible? What could help schools face this challenge, how does it look in practice at different types of schools, and how will the current situation change the lives of today’s students?

George Tilesch online Dialogue

The Future of European Digital Policy

The Digital Transition is an integral part of European recovery plans and the first legislative proposals are already beginning to emerge. What is Europe getting wrong when it comes to regulating digital technologies, where are its strengths and what will be its Achilles’ heel?

Quarantined Economy

The spring lockdown massively slowed down economies all around the world, and the fall restrictions have only started sinking their teeth in. Who will come out on top; who will lose? Is this only a temporary fluke, or have we simply accelerated on our way to a new standard?

Live dialog in studio: Šárka Homfray

Is the Future of Democracy Digital?

The Covid-19 pandemic interrupted legislative work, caused political negotiations to move into the virtual sphere, and further strengthened and boosted technological giants. Are voters data misused to nudge the opinions in a certain direction? Does the future of democracy lie in the digital world, or do we need to protect democracy from technology?

Closing remarks